Inazuma Eleven Box 1 (TV 1 - 52) DVD

-10% Inazuma Eleven Box 1 (TV 1 - 52) DVD
Title Name Inazuma Eleven Box 1 / 闪电十一人
No of Disc
3 Discs (52 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
VBG 0092
Format DVD9 / NTSC & All Region Code
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The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the greatest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born.

Mamoru is your typical soccer fanatic protagonist who seeks to follow his late grandfather’s footstep. (His grandfather was the ex-coach of the Raimon Soccer Club which he is currently in).

Even though his skills are incredible his school lacks a real soccer club as the 6 other members don’t appear very interested even in training.

But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou’s town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team…

The setting is in Raimon Gakuen and the story revolves around antagonistic Teikoku Gakuen famed for its strength, speed and utter ruthlessness.

Watch as Endou and friends overcome obstacles as they face a lack of enthusiasm, disbandment, and other teams as they strive towards their goals.

雷门中学足球部是一支队员只有7人的弱小足球队。部员们每天来到部室 都不是为了踢足球,而是各人做着各自的事以消磨时间。热血足球少年、本作的主角、同时也是足球队队长的円堂守鼓励他们明天去练习。期间,他们突然收到了强 豪帝国学园足球队的挑战,他们面临两个选择,一是接受挑战并赢得比赛,一是废弃足球部。选择了前者的他们马上又迎来另一个麻烦--打正式比赛还差4个人。 之后的某天,円堂守遇见了传说中的王牌射手豪炎寺修也,且游说他入队。最后他当然入了,而且其它3名成员也找齐。在比赛当日円堂守他们以大比数落后,最后 帝国学园竟然放弃比赛,因此算是雷门中获胜。为此雷门中学足球部得以保留,这班足球少年又可以向全国大会进发。

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