Kizumonogatari (TV 1 - 3 End) DVD

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Title Name Kizumonogatari (TV 1 - 3 End) 
No of Disc
1 Disc (3 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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Koyomi Araragi, a second year high school student at Naoetsu High School, befriends Tsubasa Hanekawa, the top honors student at his school. Tsubasa mentions a rumor about a “blonde vampire” that has been sighted around their town recently. Koyomi, who is usually anti-social, takes a liking to Tsubasa’s down-to-earth personality. That evening, Koyomi encounters this rumored vampire: she is Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade, also known as the “King of Apparitions.” The blonde, golden-eyed vampire cries out for Koyomi to save her as she lies in a pool of her own blood, all four of her limbs having been cut off by three vampire hunters. Kiss-shot asks Koyomi to give her his blood in order to save her life, and when he does, Koyomi finds himself reborn as her vampire subordinate.


Now a vampire, Koyomi is charged with retrieving Kiss-shot's severed limbs from the vampire hunters who took them. Before he confronts the first hunter, the gigantic full-vampire Dramaturgy, he has a conversation with Tsubasa. He hides his vampire nature, but Tsubasa is still interested in the rumors about vampires being spread around. At the fight, Dramaturgy tears Koyomi's arms off in one blow, but Koyomi discovers his vampire power of rapid regeneration. Seeing the fight as lost, Dramaturgy surrenders Kiss-shot's leg to Koyomi. At the time, Kiss-shot has taken the form of a child. But she morphs into a young teenager after she consumes her adult leg.


Koyomi and Meme finally succeed at fully restoring Kiss-shot. Koyomi expects Kiss-Shot to then change him back to human. But before that, Kiss-shot and Koyomi spend an evening on a rooftop, where Kiss-shot reminisces about her previous minion, a Samurai who chose to commit suicide when Kiss-shot was not able to restore his humanity. Koyomi goes off to buy food, but when he returns he finds Kiss-shot eating the eviscerated corpse of Guillotine Cutter. He is horrified at the realization that Kiss-Shot will now hunt humans again, and that he himself will want to hunt as well.

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